Provillus for women with Thinning Hair in CanadaIs your hair falling out in the shower? Do you find yourself combing over the garbage can? Noticing thin or balding spots on your scalp?

You’re not alone!

There are many women who experience anxiety when faced with thinning hair or Female pattern baldness.

But there is Hope! Provillus for Women is designed to support optimum hair growth using 100% all natural ingredients specifically designed to work with female hormones to control the production of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which starve hair follicles.

Re-grow your beautiful hair with Provillus for Women

Keep healthy, shiny hair all your life! Provillus Hair Loss Treatment for Women not only helps you keep the hair you have, it also provides the nutritional support you need to maintain optimum hair growth and normal follicle function—so you feel good and look great—that’s the Provillus for women difference!

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Provillus For Women Hair Loss Treatment is a Natural Approach

Supplies Essential Hair Growth Nutrients

Strong, healthy hair begins with the proper nutritional building blocks, and Provillus provides essential minerals and vitamins helpful for hair follicle support, such as Magnesium, Biotin and Vitamin B6…which are also essential for immune function, skin and nail health, protein digestion and healthy red blood cells. Read more on our ingredients.

Provillus For Women Adds a Botanical Blend

Provillus for women uses a proprietary blend of botanicals known for nourishing skin, hair and nails, as well as providing nutritional support for important body functions. A key ingredient is Horsetail, an herb used traditionally since ancient Roman and Greek times, and prized by Asian and North American Indian cultures for its rejuvenating properties.

How Provillus for Women Works

Provillus for women ingredients
Vitamin B6
(Pyridoxine) has many functions in the body Vitamin B6 is essential for protein and red blood cell metabolism, nervous and immune system function. It also helps increase oxygen in hemoglobin and maintains healthy blood sugar levels. Pyridoxine has been called the “woman’s vitamin” because it may help relieve symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). B-complex vitamins may also improve the body’s ability to withstand stressful conditions.

Biotin, a constituent of Vitamin B complex, is a major component in the natural hair manufacturing process – essential for new hair growth as well as healthy skin and nails. Many dermatologists suggest Biotin supplementation for hair loss patients.

Magnesium, an essential mineral is used by the body to help maintain muscles, nerves, and bones, however many people don’t get enough Magnesium in their diets. It is used in energy metabolism, protein synthesis, and in the bio-synthesis of collagen, which is essential for skin health and elasticity.

Horsetail (Equisetum arvense), has been called a botanical relic, because it is related to the huge, tree-like ferns that grew in the early dinosaur age, over 200 million years ago. It is high in cystine (amino acid), sulfur and vegetal silica—useful for improving circulation, as well as boosting and rejuvenating the connective tissue – the foundation of your skin and regenerating skin cells. Horsetail also contains saponins and flavonoids, which help regenerate the epithelial layer. This is the main ingredient in Provillus for women.

Para-aminobenzoic Acid (PABA), as part of the coenzyme tetrahydrofolic acid, aids in the metabolism and utilization of amino acids and is also supportive of blood cells, particularly the red blood cells. PABA supports folic acid production by the intestinal bacteria and is important to skin, hair pigment, and intestinal health.

Provillus for women offer
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For Women in The USA with Hair Loss

Provillus USA OnlyThe Provillus for women can be ordered as a kit (Only in USA) and it comes with Minoxidil 2%” aka Rogaine. This is the only FDA approved clinically proven hair loss treatment on the market to date. Rogaine has been used by men mainly but it is just as effective on Female Hair Loss.

Keep in mind that using the topical solution on it’s own will increase circulation to the scalp which is required to grow hair but it does not supply the required nutrients to the hair follicle. You will also need the hair loss supplement / vitamin to ensure success.