How DHT Causes Hair LossBoth men and women produce enzymes that are involved in steroid metabolism called 5-alpha-reductase or 3-oxo-5α-steroid 4-dehydrogenases that can be found in the skin including the scalp.

When it comes into contact with the hormone testosterone, which both men and women produce naturally also the result is an androgen called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) also known as 5α-dihydrotestosterone.

The enzyme 5α-reductase synthesizes DHT in the hair follicles and adrenal glands in our bodies and for men this also takes place in the prostate and testes so men produce more testosterone than women but for those women who do have higher levels of testosterone thinning hair can be very common.

In many cases the DHT binds to the hair follicle receptor cells slowing building up and blocking key nutrients it needs to grow and this sends the wrong signals to the cells that stimulate hair growth. Receptor cells are the cells present on hair follicle that the DHT attach to. It is this action in the hair follicle that leads to thinning hair or follicle miniaturization so most doctors will agree that an increase in DHT can lead to hair loss in both men and women if not treated.

A comparison of DHT in Men and Women

Doctor treating a receding hairlineIn men, thinning hair loss usually begins in the temporal area seen as a receding hairline then soon followed by thinning on the vertex or crown area on the top of the scalp.

These areas are more vulnerable because the sweat glands are more active in these areas. On the other hand, women lose hair thickness first leading to thinning hair around their temples, top of the head and the hairline. Men can completely lose all the hair due to the higher levels of the androgen dihydrotestosterone but women often only have to deal with thinning hair.

Who should be more cautious from DHT?

The DHT and hair loss problem is usually found in the people who have a history of baldness in their family. It can also be triggered due to hormonal changes in women but because both men and women have some degrees of 5α-reductase this could be the main contributor to thinning hair.

When does the hair loss begin?

Unless hair loss is triggered by medication, chemotherapy or other cancer treatments usually thinning hair loss begins in the later stages of a person’s life but in some cases it can also occur just after puberty. There are many contributing factor that can result in sudden hair fall like stress or shock but mainly the contributor is always DHT.

What’s the solution for stopping DHT?

If you have concluded that DHT is the cause of your hair loss problem at an early stage then you can get your hair back by treating it early with a DHT blocker supplement like Provillus. This particular hair loss vitamin provides key nutrients designed to not only block the DHT but to remove it from the androgen receptor allowing the hair follicle to start growing again.

Where to Order Provillus

The most effective DHT blockers that you can use are supplements often times hair loss shampoos will have little effect on the production of DHT in the scalp although they can help keep the scalp clean from DHT that is secreted from the sweat glands.

Hair loss shampoos provide a clean scalp that can help provide a healthy environment for growing your hair but there are no clinical studies proving that shampoos can control the root causes of hair loss like DHT blocking vitamins and minerals can.

Often times doctors will recommend hormonal supplements that can help control or balance the production of testosterone or you can try overnight scalp treatments that have worked for some people but can be time consuming and less effective as hair loss vitamins.

Another popular option is to use Laser treatments but these can be very expensive so you may want to try an at home laser comb to re-grow your thinning hair.

You should be very cautious about choosing the correct DHT blockers and products like laser combs because there are many companies who are selling fake or very cheap products these days. It would be best if you choose a product that’s recommended by a trusted physician as the chances of a scam would be minimal in such cases.