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One of the main causes of hair loss (alopecia) are autoimmune diseases that arise from an abnormal immune response from the body against certain substances and or tissues that are normally already present in the body or already being produced by the body (autoimmunity).

If you are completely bald (often only in men) then you may be suffering from an extreme form of alopecia areata called alopecia totalis but often times thinning hair is caused by our naturally produced testosterone.

DHT chart showing thinning hairIn some cases both men and women can have higher than normal levels of testosterone which involves the rigger of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) a stronger version of testosterone that leads to thinning hair.

DHT can be treated and thicker hair cab the results. When DHT is produced in the body the DHT travels through the blood stream and like a magnet it will attach itself to the hair follicle. Over time there will be a build up that will block nutrients from reach the hair follicle literally starving it thinner and thinner until it dies and falls out. This process is called Follicle miniaturization.

Provillus hair loss supplement are a DHT blocker preventing further hair loss but what really remarkable is that it can remove the DHT build up on the hair follicles allowing hair the start growing again.

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There are many people that have provided Provillus reviews that show how well it has worked for them making this a leading hair loss solution and that is because it works!

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About Provillus for Men in Canada

Provillus for men dealsBecause men produce more testosterone than women men require a different type of bled of herbs that address DHT production and the Provillus for men does just that.

Made with a specific blend of vitamins including Saw Plametto and Biotin this treatment option removes DHT build up on the hair follicles so hair can grow again.

One of the main reasons these hair loss pills are a very popular men is because it works for males of all ages that are suffer from thinning hair or who are suffering from hair loss all together and without any side effects.

This specific treatment for men is an all natural option to promote hair growth and it works. Fact is hair gets thinner and thinner but that doesn’t always mean your hair will not grow back. Clinical studies have shown that Provillus can regrow hair but in fact it’s actually just taking the the really thin hair you thought was gone and making it grow back in thicker.

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About Provillus for Women in Canada

Provillus for women supplementsProvillus for women also uses a specific blend of all natural ingredients designed specifically for a woman’s unique needs, to safely reverse thinning hair while promoting thicker hair growth at the same time by nourishing the hair from the inside.

Women do not have to take generic hair loss vitamins and hope they work! Now females with thinning hair can take the Provillus formula for women and address many different causes of thinning hair in women.

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What Make Provillus So Great?

Thicker hair from Provillus PillsProvillus is an all natural herbal remedy that does not require a prescription and has no side effects. The main ingredient for men is Saw Palmetto extract, in the amount of 750 mg per capsule. This substance comes from the plant of saw palmetto and has been clinically proven to grow hair. For women the main ingredient is Horsetail that has been clinically proven to stimulate the follicles into growing thicker hair.

Provillus dietary supplement is not only a natural solution that helps treat male and female pattern baldness by stopping sudden hair loss and thinning hair it also contains other natural vitamins and minerals the promote health.

Provillus, which is taken 2 times a day (Morning & Night) works by suppressing the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

DHT is a hormone that most doctors agree causes the hair follicles to shrink causing follicle miniaturization until the hair is choked to death and fall out permanently. Buying Provillus in Canada will stop the build up of DHT and prevent the over production thus stopping further loss while stimulating new growth.

About Regrowing Hair

Happy couple looking youngFact is hair loss and thinning hair affects an estimated 80 million men and 40 million women in North American alone with the main cause being a hereditary condition called androgenetic alopecia. 95% of hair loss can be grouped into this category.

Male pattern baldness refers to the hair loss from the scalp which often occurs on the vertex of the scalp in most cases. Some men may see a receding hair line from the forehead. In most cases, all that’s left is a horseshoe-shaped ring of hair around the sides and back of the head.

Female pattern baldness, which is different from men because women never really go completely bald, they see a thinning of the hair only. Women can easily grow hair with a proven hair loss treatment like Provillus for women where men may take awhile.

If your serious about stopping your hair loss you need to consider proven hair loss treatments only that have no side effects like Provillus in Canada and get your FREE bottles today.